Get Started

The single fastest way to connect with us on is Messenger!

Step 1: Join Messenger

How to join:

Messenger is easy to access and the primary medium where FCCA members keep in touch!

1. Join our Facebook Group

2. After you have joined the group, ask to join the group by sending a message to Tim or Juan

3. Drop us a hello to us after you've been added (we're really friendly)

Topics we talk about:

  • Everything related to coding
  • Great resources and courses we find
  • Upcoming local events in the area
Our Messenger Channel
Step 2: Attend Events

Starbucks @ One Loundoun
44735 Thorndike St, Ashburn, VA 20147

Come hang out with us for code, coffee, and socializing!

Stay for as little or as long as you like!

New friends welcomed!

Where will you be?

  • There's tons of parking behind starbucks
  • We're packed along the long table
  • Meeting schedule: Saturday 12pm or Sunday 12pm
  • Schedule subject to change according to member's schedule
  • Message us on Messenger if you get lost!

What do I bring?

  • Have a laptop with an IDE installed
  • Whatever you're working on
  • A friendly spirit
  • Our first FCC Ashburn Hangout
    Step 3: Build Projects

    Want to contribute to projects for our group or start something?

    Talk with Tim or Juan on messenger or at events!

    Recommended Tools: Git, Github, Gyazo, Messenger

    Here are planned ideas for the future:

    • Convert title on website to FCC font
    • Change color scheme of whole website to match FCC scheme
    • Style the buttons on FCCA
    • Add video banner to top
    • Add transitions/autoscroll buttons to site
    • Add pictures for members
    • User submitted events with formspree
    • RSVP app (ReactJS Project)
    • The next event banner app (ReactJS Project)
    • Search members function app (ReactJS Project)
    • Convert whole site (ReactJS Project)
    FCC Ashburn Home Page


    We are a local, organized group of aspiring developers who strive to learn by working together.

    We code together at Starbucks on the weekend and go to web development events. We communicate through a Facebook app called Messenger.


    • Tackle challenges from Free Code Camp
    • Attend local tech events as a group
    • Build projects for FCC Ashburn Group


    • Mostly Front-End Development
    • Focused on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React
    • Other frameworks welcome

    Want to connect?


    Timothy Hoang

    • Focus: JavaScript, ES6, ReactJS
    • Hobbies: Coding, Traveling, Backpacking

    Juan Sierra

    • Focus: JavaScript, ReactJS, ES6+, CSS
    • Hobbies: Biking, Playing Guitar, Coding